The Book

Flying Sand Dollars, Left-handed Crabs, Giant Earwigs, and Other Curiosities

In this uniquely personal collection of essays a self-proclaimed “incorrigible,” and sometimes politically incorrect, biologist merges autobiography and history with accounts of intriguing animals and plants. Here you should expect the unexpected as the author traces the parallel lives of Beatrix Potter and Lynn Margulis; or what Napoleon Bonaparte had in common with Giant Earwigs and how, in the end, they differed; and how personal hygiene and lice link Samuel Pepys to molecular clocks and human pre-history. The essays range widely through periods in the author’s life, the bye-ways of history, and strange curiosities of Nature. Always entertaining and breezy the essays are informative, sometimes funny and sometimes passionately serious.

Read an interview with Malcolm Telford about the book.



The book is available in hard and soft covers, plus e-book for most platforms. You can get it from your regular bookseller or from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters etc.

You could also get it direct from me and I would be happy to sign it for you. Sorry, it isn’t free!

With (exorbitant)) postal charges it's like this:

                                           Canada $30 CDN; States $25 US (Hawaii $30); Europe $45 CDN; Othher -- ask for information.


If you want to read it on your computer I will send a PDF of the entire book for $10 CDN ($7 US) or any single essay or chapter ($1 CDN, or US). Requests for a PDF imply a pledge not to distribute the piece. I cannot (and don't want to) police that but I would redally like to recover my expenses!

Payments may be made via Paypal, cash in an envelope, or cheque (preferably Canadian because they clear quickly, but, what the heck -- any good cheque!)